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Stuart Heller and David S. Surrenda (1995) Retooling on the Run: Real change for Leaders with No Time, Frog Ltd. Press, Berkeley, California.

Retooling on the Run will give you the keys to accessing the power of the non-verbal body component of communication, presence and change. Filled with over 80 exercises, 100 diagrams and clearly written case studies, it is a workbook for cultivating the ability to stay centered and present in the midst of the ordinary challenges of daily life and work.

Sample Quote from Retooling

"You are the first organization you must master. Authentic, sustainable change cannot be generated by working with the surface layers of behavior and experience. We learn to reach below the obvious issues to the internal patterns upon which the outer structures are built.

To make a change in any part of you, you have to change all of you. There is no way around this. Retooling on the Run emphasizes the importance of versatility … the ability to shift your style, behavior or state of mind to fit the situation. Versatility is most effectively learned with a whole body approach. What you learn with your whole body directly transfers to daily life."

"The first and only book about leadership that speaks to embodiment, awareness and the power of being wholly alive"
— Paul Hawken, author of Growing a Business and The Ecology of Commerce


David S. Surrenda and Linda L. Thompson Coaching Quicksand: Avoiding Hidden Dangers that can trap the best of Us, International Journal of Coaching in Organizations, Vol. 1, Number 3, 2003.

A comprehensive review of the policy and practice issues that organizations encounter in setting up an executive coaching relationship with an external provider. Included is a sample policy statement, guidelines for executive on utilization of coaches and a review of typical practices. Case studies underline the types of issues that may arise in the course of an organizational coaching practice.

Stuart Heller and David Surrenda (1996) Centered Presence, Internal Martial Arts, Berkeley, CA


David Surrenda (1996) The Natural Step: Business Innovations in Resource Management,  University of Minnesota Annual Agri-business Conference