Our Commitment to You

The Leadership Edge provides help with tough systems problems. 

  • We have tested our ideas and principles in a broad range of industries and organizational sizes, with thousands of executives. 
  • We know they work because of our history of success and our client satisfaction.
  • We also know each setting requires a solution for its unique circumstance.
  • We tailor our services to your immediate needs in a time responsive manner.
  • We take the time to talk and find out what is really happening.
  • We care about your success.

Dr. Surrenda has assembled an experienced group of organizational development consultants who collaborate with him on complex system change projects. They bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the diverse organizations we serve.

Dr. David Surrenda, a licensed psychologist, is the Director of The Leadership Edge, a group specializing in the challenges of executive leadership. Dr. Surrenda developed The Leadership Edge to assist leaders to manage the process of organizational change and to insure that change efforts really succeed. He has conducted executive level organizational consultation with business, government, education and health systems for thirty years. His creative change strategies generate sustainable solutions for the complex challenges facing organizations in times of turbulence. Dr. Surrenda has consulted in over 200 national and international organizations in industries including high technology, health, hospitality, consulting, manufacturing, food and venture capital.


Tim Weitzel, Ph.D. has over 25 years of consulting and training experience. He is the Director of Tim Weitzel & Associates, and a Senior Associate with The Leadership Edge. Dr. Weitzel’s work is directed towards lowering the risks in key, senior level hiring decisions.  Once hired, he helps insure the new leader gets on board effectively including being accepted by their team, take charge immediately, and or maintain essential organizational momentum.  Additionally, Tim translates the hiring data into a highly focused and on-target development profile and uses this as a basis for coaching the new leader and/or hiring organization may deem important.


Rhiannon Surrenda brings her enthusiasm, passion for empowering others and 12 years of expertise to all of her consultations and trainings. Rhiannon works with executives, teams and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries to help them succeed in their professional development and personal training goals.

As the Executive Director at California Corporate College, the goal is to provide access to quality, market-relevant workforce development and training solutions. She leads the provision of results-driven training solutions for corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that require training services delivered to multiple locations throughout California.


David Weckler, Ph.D. began his consulting career during graduate school, when he co-founded the multi-disciplinary consulting group Nexus and helped Stanford University design and implement its first distributed computing network. During that period, he also consulted for Xerox Corporation’s fabled Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), helping them determine how better to commercialize their own inventions. Not long after that, David was part of a project to understand the role of leadership and internal organization on innovation in technology companies, participating in research at Hewlett Packard, Fairchild Semi-Conductor, and Westinghouse.


Danielle Vidal, Ph.D. began her executive coaching career at DDI more than ten years ago and has worked with leaders and executives in a wide variety of industries. Known for her energetic, compassionate, honest and goal-directed style, Dr. Vidal has conducted hundreds of individual short- and long-term coaching with executives across the leadership spectrum, provided engaging and motivating individual performance coaching and guidance to their managers, and led both small and large group development planning sessions with senior leaders alongside their executives, teams and key business partners.