What Our Clients Are Saying

“David is an highly knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate person. His knowhow, his commitment and his sensitivity to our senior management team contributed substantially to the success we had in building a fledgling technological enterprise to a successful billion-dollar public company before its sale by the shareholders. I highly recommend him to help you create inspirational leadership within your management team, a key element for our success.”
- James A. Cusumano, Co-founder and Chairman Catalytica, Inc.

“Among the many things that I love about working with David is his seamless integration of business and psychology. Not only does this add a voice of balance and reason to my leadership, but also an expanded sense of what’s possible.”
- Andrew R. Greenberg, CEO, Greenberg Strategy

“I found Dr. Surrenda’s program and services for on-boarding extremely valuable. This is a highly value-added process to provide to a new executive in an organization, and one that I strongly believe greatly benefits the organization as well in terms of effectiveness and retention. David’s style is very supportive to this process, he has a great ability and intuition about areas of opportunity, and he creates a shared accountability for key learning and actions. I highly recommend Dr. Surrenda’s services as a valuable tool for organizational success in recruiting and retaining talent.”
- Helen Macfie, Pharm D. Memorial Health Care, VP of Quality

"Moving from Director to Senior Director to VP has been the results I achieved with David's guidance.  David helped me think through strategic issues, break down problems into manageable bites and tactically solve issues. David does this via inquiry and conversation that feels normal but stretches your view.  David is always ready with a model that provides a clear way of framing the discussion. These models help you explain and frame the discussion as you work with your customers."
- Mark Grimse, CIO, Rambus

"David is one the best 'active listeners' I have met.  He asks questions that are directly on target and draws from his vast management experience to share ideas and perspectives that I would not have discovered by myself."
- Scott Tierney, Director, Google

Organizational Effectiveness Services

This work renews and strengthens organizations as they address the modern challenges of high-speed change. We prepare a company to map and respond to the issues of corporate evolution.

Strategic Planning

A critical process for focusing organizational purpose and vision, as well as setting objectives and overall strategy while clarifying roles and responsibilities as they reflect clearly defined values.

Organization Assessment

This intensive assessment process integrates observation, interview and assessment processes individually tailored to key organizational questions. Assessments employ information gathering technologies to provide an in-depth analysis of individual, team and organizational performance and effectiveness.

The Organization Analysis offers critical insights into major areas:

a. The CEO and executive team
b. The effectiveness of the major systems or functional divisions
c. The organization's style and culture

Change Management and Resilience

Modern life is about rapid change. It is in every component of our experience– at work, in our communities, in our families, in our jobs, with our daily life technologies, with our tools. For a brief time, it can appear to be moving slowly but overall, when we step back, we can see the big jumps that have occurred in any decade of time. When change is abundant and rapid, it can evoke fear. We become afraid that something will be lost. Security and comfort of the familiar seem gone. Knowing what to do feels like a distant past. Stress emerges as we experience the uncertainty and lack of control that comes with change.

We want to know who is making all these shifts occur. “Why must I change, can’t it just stay the same?” These questions can torment us as we face the constant challenge of learning. The skills and tools we learn today will still not be enough to guarantee that we won’t have to learn more new things to survive and succeed in the future.

  • What makes us change resilient?
  • What tools allow us to be change models?
  • Why are some people change leaders?
  • How do I become someone who is able to “go with the flow” rather than resist or deny the need for change?

We address how teams and organizations can be more stress resilient and capable of managing the changes ahead. We translate the practical implications of the research on effectively managing life and work stresses and recovering quickly from breakdowns in implementing new tools, technologies and processes.


Intensive executive and team development programs which integrate values, leadership principles, personal awareness, and high-level performance. Skill trainings are provided in significant areas including:

  • Creativity and Problem-Solving (Beginning & Advanced)
  • Stress Management
  • The Executive Family
  • Effective Time Management Strategies
  • Successful Communication in High Stress Organizations