What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of partnering with David to address a range of organizational matters at two different investment firms. In all cases, David has provided thoughtful counsel to me and my colleagues but also lends a framework for critical thinking that is far more enduring. With his effective blend of professional depth and personal character, David is an important advisor. I liberally refer him to other firms and colleagues facing the inevitable strategic or organizational challenge.”
- Joe Casey, COO, HighVista Strategies

"You took the most difficult issues I was facing and made it easier to see the choices and the options clearly. I was able to act wisely because of your guidance."
- Roberta Yang, Deputy Chief Trial Counsel, State Bar of California 

"You have made such a difference with me and my team. I contribute more effectively in meetings and experience myself as more powerful with my work."
- David Barram, Senior Vice President, Apple Computer            

"You supported and guided me in a way that allowed me to go from real burnout to genuine enthusiasm and renewal. Business is fun again."
- Tom Minick, CEO, Zamba and former Director, Apple Computer 

“As a CEO coach, David is an good as it gets. David has helped me to really grow as a CEO. With a wealth of experience, he always provides intelligent analysis to complicated situations. I found his approach very flexible without imposing ideas. His recommendations are very constructive and his candor helpful.”
- Yuval Baron, CEO, Actelis Networks

"David is unlike most consultants. He really gets things done and makes a difference."
- Phil Batchelor, Chief Administrative Officer, Contra Costa County, CA           


Leadership Development Services

Building organizational capacity is essential to meeting the circumstances of a dynamic, turbulent environment. We examine the critical links between learning, self-awareness, job experience and effective leadership.

Executive Coaching

One-to-one sessions focused on personal performance, conflict resolution, pressure management, personal growth, effective time usage and strategic implementation of organizational goals.

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Leadership Transition Services

These structured experiences are informative and candid discussions between key organizational members and the new chief executive. This allows the new CEO (or team leader) to get a rapid summary and assessment of the organization's position while developing strong work relationships. Built upon 25 years of study of the “taking charge” process, this comprehensive roadmap takes you to the heart of the actions to jumpstart the new leader.

The “take charge” roadmap can save the new CEO up to six months in time and genuinely clarify issues and relationships that are vital to organizational decision-making. It is recommended that this process occur within the first month of the new leadership transition. The service can profitably be applied to newly created teams or teams experiencing major restructuring.

Day-in the Life Simulation Executive Assessment


  • To provide organizations with a leadership selection and development tool that has predictive validity, and accuracy
  • To provide a high quality approach to executive Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment (DLSA) in order to increase hiring effectiveness and development efficiency.

Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment

Overview of DLSA

In most executive selection processes, assessment is typically limited to the candidates experience, behavioral interviews, personality inventories and background/reference checks.  The Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment (DLSA), which is at the core of The Leadership Edge’s approach to Executive Selection, can significantly augment these traditional methods that have a limited effectiveness.  Simulations are now widely recognized as the most predictive, statistically reliable and accurate form of executive assessment available.  It provides selection committees with the most powerful information about a candidate’s capability to perform a number of key executive functions including:  (Read More...)

Download PDF on Best Practices in Developing an Assessment Center

Executive Selection

The choice of new leadership is among the most vital decisions affecting the future of the organization. The goal of the executive selection process is to find a competent, powerful leader who would blend appropriately with the needs of the organization and the skills of the current management team. 

We utilize a combination of objective testing and expert interviewing to create a clear picture for the hiring organization of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Suggestions are provided for each candidate regarding executive developmental opportunities to manage flat spots in their skills or experience.

360 Feedback Systems for Executives

One of the more powerful learning mechanisms of leadership is to understand your impact on your organization. We create organization specific solutions for your learning needs. We deliver feedback that is relevant, understandable, and can be applied to the job to accelerate success.

Delivering Compelling and Powerful Presentations

A leader is often measured by how effectively they can share their ideas, visions and strategies to their constituency. It is more than ideas that are assessed by the audience –they are also evaluating the person as well. They experience the power of the leaders ability to effectively relate, to share mutual concerns and to understand the needs of the listener.We teach the verbal and non-verbal tools to show the essential leadership presence required to move an audience. We make a difference in assisting the presenter to be comfortable “in their own skin” and in bridging the gap between the presenter and the audience. We utilize a variety of simple but impactful feedback methodologies to enable a presenter to rapidly increase their skill, comfort and power. Even the most accomplished speaker can become a more dynamic, engaging and charismatic presence.