Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment


  • To provide organizations with a leadership selection and development tool that has predictive validity, and accuracy
  • To provide a high quality approach to executive Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment (DLSA) in order to increase hiring effectiveness and development efficiency.

Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment

Overview of DLSA

In most executive selection processes, assessment is typically limited to the candidates experience, behavioral interviews, personality inventories and background/reference checks.  The Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment (DLSA), which is at the core of The Leadership Edge’s approach to Executive Selection, can significantly augment these traditional methods that have a limited effectiveness.  Simulations are now widely recognized as the most predictive, statistically reliable and accurate form of executive assessment available.  It provides selection committees with the most powerful information about a candidate’s capability to perform a number of key executive functions including:

  • Identifying and executing on specific organizational imperatives:
    • Driving change
    • Building talent readiness
    • Setting strategy
    • Growing the business
    • Integrating a new organization
    • Launching a new product or service
    • Coaching, mentoring and developing future leaders
    • Influencing board members and other stakeholders/partners
    • Addressing and resolving complex operational challenges
    • Managing customer satisfaction
    • And more (depending on the client’s desired measurement data).

Impact and Organizational Benefits

Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment is proven to help organizations:

  • Reduce risk in critical and difficult hiring and promotion decisions by quantifying individual readiness for specific role challenges.
  • Take stock of the available supply of leadership talent when making critical organizational decisions.
  • Gauge and test assumptions about the organization’s viability to execute new strategies.
  • Ensures that candidates with the right skills, cultural fit, motivational fit and self-knowledge will be leading your organization.

How Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment works

Participants engage a fictitious organization as the newly hired leader.  The fictitious organization has a full set of financials, a company history, a fully developed market/industry context including competitors, and a press/PR history.  The assessment process has the following characteristics

Tailored Job Focus

  • The candidate “takes on” a specific organizational role.  Depending on the position for which he/she is being assessed, he/she will function as a Vice President, President, or CEO.


  • Delivery is designed to be flexible.  It is web-enabled and can be globally available.  Therefore, candidates can participate remotely or at an assessment center in Northern California.

Expert Assessors

  • Participants interact with highly trained and experienced assessors in meetings that simulate the key situations described above such as: coaching, influence, customer management, partnering, strategic planning and more. 
  • Sessions are either voice recorded or videotaped for later in-depth analysis.

Stress Testing

  • Throughout the day participants receive emails that challenge them with pressing and complex operational and strategic decisions.

Behavioral Interviews

  • An in-depth behavioral interview is included to test experience relative to DLSA performance.

Integrated Data Analysis

  • The candidate’s performance is then scored against a pre-determined leadership model, and their assessment center profile is integrated with information from other tools such as 360 data, behavioral interviewing, personality inventories, etc.

Comparison to High Performance Profile

  • A profile is created and compared to the ideal profile of the targeted position or it is used to guide the development of the high potential candidate.


        Each candidate is provided with a full debrief at completion of the Assessment

The distinguishing characteristic of Day-in-the-Life Simulation Executive Assessment is that real-time data regarding critical competencies is generated and added to already available data to improve hiring and promotion accuracy.