What Our Clients Are Saying

"You are irreplaceable as a coach. I really value your input.”
- Michael Spindler, former CEO & President, Apple Computer

"David has been immensely valuable to my development as a businessman, a leader and as a human being. I have worked with him for over a decade and consider him to be an excellent coach, advisor and friend.”
- John Donahoe, CEO, ServiceNow

"You have taken a good team and made it great."
- John Croll, General Counsel, Sun Microsystems

As the new CEO, I needed an experienced, thoughtful professional to work with me and selected members of my senior staff to insure that focus on appropriate priorities, communications and results was maintained at the required pace. David has not only gained my trust and respect as a mentor but more importantly he has earned the respect of my senior staff. David has a unique ability to quickly analyze complex team and interpersonal situations and apply proven methodologies to gain group and individual focus.”
- George Thornton, CEO, Agriliance 

"David has been a trusted advisor of mine for nearly a decade.  He has helped me navigate my personal and professional life journey, and has made me much more effective and joyous in the process.  I'd highly recommend working with David to any executive.”
- Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa

 "Your objective way of dealing with issues is so clear that I learned a new way to talk with people about difficult issues. You helped us with conflicts that we thought were unsolvable and showed us perspectives that offered whole new possibilities that we hadn't seen. You made it safe to explore the things in both my business and my personal goals that are hard for every leader, including me, to talk about."
- Val Alexeeff, Director, Growth Management & Development Agency, Contra Costa County, CA

Decision making and the actions that flow from those decisions are the heart and soul of executive life.

The mission of The Leadership Edge is to help executives to be more successful in addressing difficult situations and complex decisions. We add value by assisting leaders to thoughtfully examine the alternatives as well as the implications of each choice they face.  We work to make the organization, the team and the individual leader more effective.  Our services are distinguished by intense personal engagement.  Working in close partnership with the company leadership, we serve as an extension of the organization's purpose and goals.

The Leadership Edge assists leaders to enact the highest principles in their thoughts and actions, so that they can become more effective, powerful, and responsive leaders. True leaders live by their principles. True leaders are admired and followed because they wisely apply their principles to complex and challenging situations.

The Leadership Edge has earned the respect and trust of clients ranging from startups to multinational businesses.  We are recognized for our ability to take on complex, challenging assignments, supporting leadership to do its best work.

The Leadership Edge provides the flexibility and expertise to help leaders meet their immediate needs and achieve their long-term goals.



We must become the change we want to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi